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Study MBBS in Russia

MBBS in Russia from top Medical Universities

Many students like to pursue MBBS in Russia. Internationally this is the place where the best MBBS lessons are taught and practised. According to the World Health Organisation Russia has 70% positions among the top listed 100 Medical Universities. The students who have passed from the Medical Colleges of Russia is practising to treat patients in the top Hospitals in the whole world. MBBS in Russia fees is quite low as it is subsidized by the Russian Ministry of Health and Education. You do not need to back out from a good education for the fee of MBBS in Russia. Here high quality of education is provided at very low cost. In Russia there are about 57 Medical Universities. Some of the university’s medium of communication and learning is English. 

Fee of MBBS in Russia

As the Russian Government provides subsidy for education, the fee of MBBS in Russia is very low. MBBS in Russia fees is approximately between 2.5 lakhs – 5 lakhs. Getting a degree from Russia can make a student eligible to work in any hospitals around the globe. Here high quality education is provided to the students at very low fees. Students are given hostel facilities with furniture and also high quality food.

MBBS in Russia fees is very nominal

You do not need to worry about the fees of MBBS if you plan to study in Russia. It is one of the places of the world where the fees is very nominal buy the quality of education is very high. They give importance to education rather than only earning money.

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MBBS in Russia admission

MBBS in Russia admission is very easy. You just need to score 50% marks in the science subjects in you 10+2. For the SC, ST and OBC candidates 45% marks must be secured. You must have a valid passport and also must have cleared NEET. MBBS in Russia admission requires no entrance examination and absolutely no donation. 

MBBS in Russia for Indian Students

MBBS in Russia for Indian Students who have secured 50% marks in the science subjects is the best option they can opt for. It will give them good exposures and best jobs. MBBS in Russia for Indian Students is also good because they do not charge much money. The fee of MBBS in Russia is really low and quite affordable.

MBBS in Russia eligibility criteria

If you want to pursue MBBS in Russia you must first know about the eligibility criteria. MBBS in Russia eligibility criteria are – the potential student must have completed the crossed 17 years of age before 31st December or on that very particular date for the next year of admission; the student must score 50% in the science subjects of 10+2 examination under any Board of examination. MBBS in Russia eligibility criteria also includes that the student must have appeared and qualified NEET and if not they must possess an Eligibility Certificate which must be issued by the Medical council of India during the admission process in Foreign Medical universities.

Do you think MBBS in Russia is not good?

If you think that MBBS in Russia is not good the you are wrong. Russia is considered the best country to provide the best MBBS education. High quality of education is provided at very low cost. For the aspiring Indian students it is a good place to study because of the good economical relations between two countries. The Medical Universities is Russia is among the top Medical Universities in the whole world. Students there will not only learn but also get opportunity to practically practice what they learnt. The teachers and professors are also very knowledgeable and experienced. MBBS in Russia is really good as all the universities are under the Russian Government and also you get hostel facilities and good food. 

MBBS in Russia fee structure

All the Medical Universities in Russia are Government aided and they are subsidized. The MBBS in Russia fee structure starts from 2 lakhs and then it can extend up to 5 lakhs. There are many Universities and the fee structure of all the Universities are not the same. 

MBBS in Russia University requirements for admission

The requirements for MBBS in Russia University admission are:

  • Mark sheets of 10 and 12th.
  • 2 Passport size photos
  • Desire, strong will and hard work

Any Indian student can take admission in any of the Medical Universities in Russia. The admission will be a direct process as no entrance examinations will be involved. Studying MBBS in Russia is one of the best choices that a student can make.

MBBS in Russia fee structure 2019

The MBBS in Russia fee structure 2019 of Mordovia State University is – Rs 3,85,000 in the first year and the 3,00,000 in the next five years. In Russia there are many Universities and all the Universities has different fee structure which is very unique. Some may be comparatively low while others may be more.

Duration of MBBS in Russia

A total of 6 years is the duration of MBBS in Russia. English is the medium of communication and learning throughout the course. In these Medical Universities many students from around the world come to study. All of them will not know English. Therefore, a one year of English classes are there which can be opted out by the students who are well proficient in English language. There are also MBBS programs where full syllabus is either taught in Russian language or bilingual language which means teaching in English medium for the first 3 years and then in the French language.

MBBS in Russia duration

The course of MBBS in Russia generally lasts for 6 years. MBBS in Russia duration is different from many other country proving MBBS courses. In these 6 years you will get 1 year of Internship in Russia or any other country. Also in these 6 years there is the first years is the preparatory course which can be opted out by students who applied to pursue the course in English medium.

Do you know the MBBS in Russia cost?

If you only consider the tuition fees then the MBBS in Russia cost will stand around 16 lakhs. This amount can vary from one Medical university to the other. Thus the total cost will amount to 23-24 lakhs. 

What is the cost of MBBS in Russia?

The cost of MBBS in Russia is quite less as compared to other countries. In Russia high quality of education is provided to the students at very low prices. This is a great advantage for all the aspiring doctors. The cost for one year is around 3 lakhs. 

MBBS in Russia 2019 benefits for the Indian Students

  • There is no entrance examination and donations are not allowed.
  • The admission procedure is very easy in Russia.
  • MBBS in Russia 2019 course fee is very low and government provides subsidy on the educational expenses.
  • The students passing out from the Medical universities of Russia will get worldwide acceptance and recognition. They will get good job offers from the best and top hospitals around the world.
  • The standard of living is Russia is very low thus they are able to spend more on education. Education has the most importance in Russia.
  • Indian students will not have any problem studying and staying there. Many Universities have canteens that serve Indian foods which is an advantage to the students.
  • Students from the Russian Medical Universities score good marks and position in MCI screening test.
  • All the Visa work is looked after by them
  • All the Medical Universities of Russia are Government Universities.
  • The teachers and professors are highly educated and has much experience.
  • The students will get a chance to practise everything practically whatever they are learning in the university.

What are the advantages of studying MBBS in Russia Quora?

There have been many questions regarding the advantages of studying MBBS in Russia in Quora. The main advantages are:

  • You will get a good exposure if you study MBBS in Russia. You will be recognised in the whole world and will also be offered good jobs in top hospitals. The study of MBBS here is unparallel to the MBBS study in any part of the world. In the Russian Universities the system is very systematic and the teachers are also very good at imparting education.
  • Studying MBBS in Russia is a good decision if you are considering the cost. The cost of education in Russia is very low but the quality of education is very high. Per year the highest recorded tuition fees of the Universities is 8 lakhs.
  • Russia is a very safe country and if you are a girl wanting to pursue a career in MBBS then Russia is the best place for you. Your parents will also not be worried as they have the assurance of the place being very safe.

Know more about studying MBBS in Russia

Russia is one of the countries which give priority to education the most. Russia has the best education systems for the MBBS course. You can pursue MBBS in Russia at low cost. You can apply for MBBS in Russia best university. These universities provide many courses for both graduate and undergraduate levels. You also get quite many years to clear the NEET and get admission in the Medical Colleges of Russia. MBBS in Russia age limit is 25 years for the general caste and 30 years for the SC, ST and OBC. However you must have completed 17 years before taking admission in these Universities. You can also apply for MBBS in Russia without NEET this year 2019 as it has been announced by the MCI. MBBS in Russia low fees is the second reason for its worldwide popularity after the high quality education. If you want to pursue MBBS then you must go for the MBBS education in Russia because it is of very high standard. If you want to know the syllabus of MBBS in Russia you can get MBBS syllabus in Russia pdf which you can download and go through. The option for post-graduation after MBBS in Russia is also open for the students who want to do it. for this they must show their MBBS certificate at the time of admission. For students who are really good in studies and consecutively acquire good marks can be give the opportunity of MBBS in Russia scholarship. MBBS in Russia for Indian students 2019 has many relaxations like no entrance examinations and also you do not need to clear NEET. If you are worried regarding how to study MBBS in Russia, then you must know that there is nothing to worry as the teachers and professors will be very helpful and guide you throughout, also you will get secured hostel rooms and good food. You can check out the MBBS 1st year syllabus in Russia on the internet. You can check all the University’s online website and can gather all information from there. MBBS in Russia English medium is one form of teaching. 

Is MBBS in Russia good?

If you have this kind of related questions in your mind then you must know that Russia is the place where the best MBBS education is provided also in much less fees as compared to other MBBS in other countries. You can also check out the MBBS in Russia review on the internet to judge whether it is worth or not. 

Prospects and advantages

MBBS doctor salary in Russia is very high. If you pass out MBBS in Russia top Medical college then you will get high paying jobs at the tops hospitals worldwide. You can also get loan for MBBS in Russia which you can repay after you have got your job. MBBS in Russia total cost is around 18 lakhs. It is much less than what you will earn after getting out from these Universities. 

MBBS in Russia or Ukraine or China?

If you have any doubt for pursuing MBBS between these countries then it is always suggested to go for Russia. Russia is very popular for providing the best MBBS education. Generally the course lasts for about 6 years but if you are joining for the English medium you can skip the first year and do the 5 years MBBS in Russia. If you also have a question in your mind like MBBS in china or Russia which is better, again the answer will be Russia. Russia is known for its knowledge and the best ways of imparting high quality education. Thus no other country will be parallel to Russia. MBBS in Russia top colleges will make you proficient in your field and you will be able to carry out practical treatments in the best way possible. 

Qualifications for MBBS in Russia

The main qualifications required to get admission is 50% marks in the science subjects in 10+2 examination. MBBS in Russia eligibility 2019 does not require you to clear NEET but you must have completed 17 years of age and not crossed 25 years of age for the General caste and 30 years for SC, SC and OBC.

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